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As a reseller, you have the ability to use your own custom nameservers, which can help you in branding your reseller accounts. For example, instead of having them point to our default nameservers, you can have them point to:

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of using your own nameservers. First, you must create the A records for the nameservers, activate the nameservers, then assigning them in the Web Host Manager (WHM). Then going forward, when you create a new cPanel, it will use the default nameservers.

This will not change the nameservers for existing cPanel accounts. They will have to Update their nameservers to the new ones, with their registrar.

Creating Nameservers (as an A record)

  1. Login to the cPanel for the domain you want to be included in the Nameservers. For example, if you want to create:, you would log in to the cPanel for
  2. On the left side of cPanel under stats, locate and copy your Shared IP Address. You may have to click the expand stats link.
  3. Under Domains select Zone Editor and then + A Record. Older cPanels will use the Advanced DNS Zone Editor instead. 
    Add A record with Zone Editor


  • (Set as NS1)
  •  (Set as NS2)


  • (Set as NS1)
  •  (Set as NS2)


  • (Set as NS1)
  •  (Set as NS2)
  1. In Advanced Zone Editor, in the Add, a Record section, fill in the fields as needed for each nameserver you want to create. Below is a brief example of what to enter in the fields.

    Field Name Example
    Name Enter the nameserver you want to set up here, for example
    TTL You can enter any positive number here, but I recommend entering 14400, which is quite standard across the industry.
    Type Select A
    Address Enter the Shared IP you viewed earlier in cPanel (in step 1).

    making custom nameservers


    For Zone Editor, simply add the name and IP address. 
    Adding A record in Zone Editor


    After filling in the fields, click the Add Record button. You may see a message stating Added record.

Activating Name Servers with your Registrar

At this point, you must activate or glue your new nameservers with your registrar.

  1. Login to your Domain Registrar where you registered the domain name.
  2. Most Registrars will have a section similar to Maintain name servers under this domain, or it’s sometimes referred to as glue, or host records as well.
  3. Typically you’ll just need to enter in the part before your domain name ns1 for instance, and then your shared IP address.
  4. Repeat the same step again for the ns2 host as well.

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